Men’s Basketball League
Tuesday/Thursday Night Rules
Purpose: These rules are intended to help maintain a quality playing environment for players of all abilities. Therefore, FBCO Sports follows Florida High School Activity Association (FHSAA) rules and guidelines which can be found at, with the following noted exceptions:

  • Each team will consist of a maximum 14 players. For each game, all but 3 players must be the age of 25 or older.
  • ALL players are required to present a driver’s license or ID before playing in the league.
  • All players must be on the official roster. All rosters must be finalized by week 3.
  • Each player must wear a team jersey of their choosing.
  • Teams can start games with 4 players, but the opposing team will still play 5.

Games will start promptly. Teams that cannot field a team of at least four by game time will forfeit.
o Games begin with a prayer with both teams in center court.

Games will consist of the following:

o Time – Two 20-minute halves (running clock, except final minute of 1st half and final two minutes of 2nd half if score
is within 15 points) with 5 minute half-time.

o Substitutions – will take place at the scorer’s table.
o Referees – 2 Referees per Game (3 at playoffs), FHSAA rules apply to all games.
o Timeouts – Three 30-second timeouts per team per game (1- first half, 2- second half). Timeouts do not
carry over.
o Overtime – 1 minute (clock stops). Additional time out given to each team. 2nd half timeouts will carry over into overtime.
o 2nd Overtime – Sudden Death (First point wins).

oPlayoffs Overtime- 3 minute (clock stops). Additional timeout given to each team.

oPlayoffs 2nd Overtime- repeating 1 minute (clock stops). Additional timeout.

o Technicals (referring to unsportsman-like technicals) –

  • 1st technical in one game = player must be benched remainder of the half.
  • 2nd technical in one game = ejection and 1 game suspension.
  • 4 technical fouls during the season (including playoffs) = ejection of player from league.

o Injuries – When a referee recognizes an injury it is an Official Time Out and the referee shall
determine if the player may be allowed to continue play (if physically able to do so).

  •  Team trophies for 1st & 2nd place teams and t-shirts for the 1st place team will be awarded at the conclusion of the playoffs.


  • Two infractions seen as grounds for protest are the ineligibility of a player and disregarding the play guidelines of the game. The protesting coach must state his protest in writing before leaving the gym, have the referee initial the protest, and turn the protest into FBCO Sports Staff before leaving the area. The coach will respect the decision of the Director of FBCO Sports to satisfy his protest.

* FBCO Sports reserves the right to modify any rule or rules as needed to protect the safety of any or all players.
* Have Questions? email or call 407-365-3484.


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